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I have had the opportunity to live in several Latin American countries, and I have carried out work and/or carried out negotiations in almost all the countries in the region. I know the psychology, purchasing habits, and way of doing business of Hispanics.

In addition to the studies carried out, I have been Vice President of the Plurintelligence Group and General Director of PluriMarketing in Mexico for several years. Later, in the U.S., I worked as the Chief Editor of the most popular independent digital newspaper among Hispanics in the United States.

Since 2023, I have been one of the founders and General Director of WebLat, the Global Latino Development Network.

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Dr. Manuel Tejeda

Business Consultant

Who is Dr. Manuel Tejeda?

Dr. Manuel Tejeda is a Cuban-American Consultant and expert in Business, Finance, Marketing, Web Design, Internet positioning, and the creation of digital brands, fundamentally in everything that is aimed at the Hispanic Market in the United States and Latin America. He firmly believes in Socially Responsible Business and that society should be rewarded for the success we achieve as entrepreneurs. He is also the founder and CEO of WebLat, the Latino Global Development Network.

Convinced that the best way to grow as a person is through the development of others, Dr. Tejeda dedicates time, efforts, and resources to helping Latinos in the United States not only do business but also invest and manage their money and personal finances to understand American culture and improve their health, physical and spiritual.


Dr. Tejeda is a HUMANIST by essence, nature, and life’s mission. He respects all beliefs and philosophical tendencies that dignify human beings, their rational character, autonomy, freedom, and capacity to transform society.

He irrevocably supports equal opportunity. He believes that success is a mixture of HUMILITY and ARROGANCE and that the drama of our world needs fewer SPECTATORS and more ACTORS & DIRECTORS.