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HISPANICS are expected to grow to 74.8 million by 3030 in the U.S. It’s time to talk to the Hispanic Market Expert!

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My team and I can help you tap into the Hispanic market to achieve your business expansion goals. The opportunity is hotter than ever: 64 million Hispanics make up almost 20% of the current U.S. population and Hispanic Buying Power is expected to grow to around $3 trillion in 2026.

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Regardless of whether a single person owns your business or is part of a large company established for years, I can help you better understand the Hispanic market and design the bases for positioning your brand, products, and services. At the same time, I can provide you with tools and resources to help you achieve Hispanic engagement. As we used to say in this business:

“Define & Conquer”


Define the precise target you want to reach.

Define & optimize your resources

Define your scope & strategy

Define your identity towards this market

Define the sustainability of your efforts

Enjoy your “conquest”… and keep up the fight

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I can help you organize your strategy to reach Hispanics in the U.S. Or let’s review together what you already have to optimize it.

Web Design

My team can design a new website focused on the Hispanic Market. Or redesign & translate your current site to hit the target.


It is not about literally translating your ads, campaigns, etc., but about adapting your messages to a diverse and different market.


What my clients say

Elton, Founder

“Dr. Tejeda really knows his stuff. He’s helped our company generate five times more leads for less among Hispanics than we were spending before. He’s reliable, professional, and a real pleasure to work with”.

Lisa, Entrepreneur

The biggest reason we engaged with Manuel and his team was their knowledge and their expertise in approaching Hispanics. We’ll never regret it and we’ll hire them again. We couldn’t be happier”.

Brandon, Executive V.P.

“Manuel’s unique skills bring creative thinking to his challenge of opening the Hispanic market for us. He is both persuasive and inclusive, and the results speak for themselves. Dr. Tejeda comes highly recommended. ”

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Hispanic Market 101

A thorough guide to comprehending and engaging with the Hispanic market in the United States. Conscientiously establishing connections with consumers, considering their language and cultural preferences, is crucial in contemporary marketing strategies.

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