I have decided to make the least ORIGINAL request in the world and I would like to know how many of my friends will support it. It is aimed at the wealthy and powerful, Wall Street tycoons, Big Banks, Insurance companies, and Big Pharma, and it goes like this:

«Dear good and compassionate people, you have so much money and we have so little, you have so much power and we have so little, you have so many opportunities and our children so few … and that is in the US, the supposedly most powerful country in the world, not to mention the rest of the inhabitants of the Planet, who any time soon will lose even their hunger, because if you find a way to put a price on it, you will also steal it from them.

What do you think if you kindly give up a little of your power and a little of your money and there will be enough to distribute among all? If you do that in goodwill, we will not march anymore, no more protests, no more boycotts and we will all live in Wonderland …».

«…wait, wait a moment, I hear dozens of my friends saying that I am talking BS and losing my time and my mind, because so meekly, with prayers and just hoping that through the vote we will be able to elect the few politicians that Big Capital has not been able to buy, we are not going to achieve anything, and we are not going to get anything.

You know what? My friends are right. Gradual reforms will never lead to anything, requests and petitions will never lead to anything, choosing politicians who accept money from you (who are their donors and then their «d’owners«, as my dear friend Dr. Van Cleave uses to say), will NEVER, EVER lead to anything. … so, once and for all, let us accept that the only way is the new SOCIAL REVOLUTION.

A Revolution is the only thing that will make both Communism and Capitalism be replaced by SOCIALNETISM, the society where the majority, -organized in multiple networks,- exercise real power and can enjoy their share of social wealth and express themselves as human beings in a new type of citizenship, totally contrary to «neo-liberalism» and «neo-fascism«: the «NEO-CITIZENSHIP«.

Do you think it’s all an old Utopia? No, the only utopia here is to think that what we currently have can be called LIFE, when it does not even qualify as a humble existence.

The only utopia is to think that «for good«, with petitions, prayers, or «moderate» demands the powerful are going to give up the slightest part of their power. Let’s lose the fear of the controversial word and say loud and clear, that the only way to achieve PROGRESS is through REVOLUTION.