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Dr. Manuel Tejeda, Ph.D.

Building Better Worlds

A tenacious defender of Private Property, Freedom of Speech and the right to a Dignified Life everywhere and for everyone, not just for a few.

Progress is a Right

Not an opportunity. Opportunity refers to how much you are able to progress, but everyone should be able to go a step further ...

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I am convinced that together we can build a better world for all. Imperfect and unequal, yes, but one in which corporations are not considered individuals and do not buy Congressmen, judges, and laws.


Lines of action

We firmly believe that, although there are many, innumerable problems in the world, there are FOUR issues that, if resolved, or at least if real progress is made on them, would help solve all the rest.


Sustainable Planet

Climate Change is real and scientifically based. If we are left without a Planet, we cannot have or achieve anything else. Implementing ecologically reasonable strategies is URGENT and ESSENTIAL.

Eradicate Extreme Poverty

We cannot continue living in a world where some live in extreme abundance and others poorly live (die) day by day in extreme poverty. If bridging the gap between rich and poor can take decades, eliminating extreme poverty is possible in just a few years.

Equal Opportunities

Egalitarianism does not work, but equal opportunity must be considered a human right. And it's about making those opportunities sustainable over time, extending to new generations.

Limiting Greed and the Power of Corporations

Capitalismo significa «libre» competencia, no el que gigantescas empresas hayan secuestrado el mercado. Democracia significa «poder del pueblo», no el que las corporaciones definan las leyes que les permiten ser cada vez más ricAs y las más disímiles formas de esclavitud moderna respecto a la fuerza laboral.

Doers not Bystanders

No podemos ser simples Espectadores del drama social que se está viviendo a nivel internacional. Necesitamos Actores y Directores, personas que «hagan que las cosas cambien». Se requiere actuar. Y actuar rápido.


The Third Force: Americans Are Less Divided Than They've Made Us Believe

For the past three years, we have been constantly talking about how “divided” we are as a country and how Donald Trump has exacerbated that division. Well, only part of that statement is true. The truth is that Americans have many more things that unite us than those...

Let's Talk Clear: The Coronavirus and the Reopening of the Economy

You already know that Donald Trump and many Republican Congressmen and Democrats are also advocating the reopening of the economy. At the time of writing these lines we have 811,000 infected in the US and we are only one step away from reaching 45,000 deaths. Of...

How can we not feel angry? Someone explain it to me, please

I remember a time when I wrote on Facebook that I felt ANGER, RAGE and my friends went out of their way to explain to me that those are negative feelings, with which I totally agreed. My question is, how can we not feel ANGRY when in the middle of a pandemic we do not ...

The Risk of Trump Winning in November Increases, As Joe Biden Sets New Record

I just read a great ABC News article and can't help but share some thoughts and the original source. And my enemies will come back to attack me (which does not take my sleep away), and some of my friends will be angry with me (something that does worry me, although ...

Well. The long-awaited debate has passed. Do You Honestly Believe We Have Learned Something?

Well, a few hours have passed and it's time to talk about the expected DEBATE between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden last night. We could summarize it in a few words: it is clear who fights for what and who represents who. Point. If you're a Trump renegade, but aspire to ...

THE MOST EXPECTED DEBATE in the Election Contest: Bernie Sanders vs Joe Biden

Tonight on March 15, at 8 pm Eastern (that is, Miami time) you can see on CNN or Univisión the two Democratic candidates left in the race for the presidential nomination, defending their points of view and trying to convince the people ...

Elecciones 2020 en los Estados Unidos: LECCIONES, Fidelidades y Amistades

I don't know if it is because the situation in the country has never been so bad before or because personally I have never been so directly involved in a political campaign, but this has taught me a lot. Maybe not just me. Undoubtedly, this is possibly the process ...

Who is Manuel Tejeda?

Dr. Manuel Tejeda is a Business Consultant, expert in Digital Marketing, Internet positioning and creation of digital brands, fundamentally in everything that addresses the Hispanic Market in the United States and Latin America. He firmly believes in socially responsible business and that society must be rewarded for the success we achieve as entrepreneurs. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the most popular Independent Digital Newspaper among Spanish-speaking Hispanics in the United States.

At the same time, he is a tireless fighter for equal rights and opportunities for all, regardless of color, sex, race, beliefs, and social background. The fight for Progress and against extreme poverty has become the great cause of his life, and he is currently engaged in helping to overthrow Donald Trump in the 2020 elections and the extreme and excessive corporatism that is the true cause of the ills that they live in the United States and much of the world.


Dr. Tejeda is a PROGRESSIVE by essence, nature and life mission. He respects all beliefs and philosophical tendencies that dignify the human being, while subordinating exclusively to the LOGIC.He rejects Egalitarianism as much as Populism, but he irrevocably believes in equal opportunities. He considers success to be a mix of HUMILITY and ARROGANCE and that this world needs less BYSTANDERS and more ACTORS.

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Although there are already many things online, the official launch will be on May 1st, 2020, recognized as the World Workers Day.








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